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Portable For Flat Belt Cleaning

Similar to the Brushless System with a motorised brush to help remove more stubborn debris from the food contact surface of a conveyor belt without resorting to chemicals.

The Brush System is portable and quick to set up. One cleaner can be used for similar width belts (within about 250mm) for maximum utilisation in a factory.

Steam is distributed evenly through a full width manifold to break down the debris and sanitise the belt surface. A vacuum efficiently removes the debris leaving the belt surface dry and ready to use.



Steam generator       9kW - 36kW

Electrical power        24VDC for brush motor (via steam generator)

Vacuum                     Via steam generator

Conveyor widths       Virtually any size

Weight                       12kg for cleaning head 1000mm model

Typical water usage   7 - 13kg/hr 9kW steam generator

                                   10 - 26kg/hr 18kW steam generator

Steam pressure          Up to 10 Bar

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